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Uncontroversial Upper West Side Citi Bike Stations, Unveiled

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It seems much of the rage, distate, and general NIMBYism that accompanied the first wave of Citi Bike stations in New York has dissipated, leaving residents who are almost—dare we say—excited about the once-embattled bike-share system's expansion into upper Manhattan and and beyond. Last night, the DOT presented (warning: PDF!) the 39 locations proposed for 59th Street to 110th Street to Community Board 7 in a meeting that was surprisingly un-oppositional. (Guess neighbors are taking a cue from their friends across the park, who also didn't hate their station locations.) From those who attended, not everyone was squealing for joy, but people said the DOT "did a damn good job" (one would hope, after 20 or so meetings with the community) and that "it seems like maybe there's too little." My my, how much can change in two years.

While these aren't the final locations, they're approximately where they will end up going. Stations up to 86th Street should be up and running by the fall.

Here's a closer look at the locations:

And here's an excerpt of the DOT presentation explaining how they arrived at these stations from a variety of other options:

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