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Williamsburg's Pod Hotel Will Have 100-Square-Foot Rooms

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NY YIMBY has a set of new renderings of the CBSK Ironstate-developed Pod Hotel, which will land in Williamsburg in 2016. Assuming, that is, that everything goes according to plan with the prefabricated modules, which are currently in production in Poland (probably a safer bet than Brooklyn). Garrison Architects is designing the building, which will include 255 rooms over 100,000 square feet, with each room (described by the architects ask "spacious-feeling lodgings") weighing in at "about one hundred square feet," according to Garrison's website. The average room size in other Pod Hotels is 250 square feet [EDIT: the average room size in all the other two Pod Hotels is also 100 square feet], so 100 square feet is, to put it lightly, small. "To accommodate this," the architects explain, "bathrooms are included in the room space and enclosed with glass dividers to expand the visual dimensions of the room." Sounds... nice?

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