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Could Queens' Tallest Building Go From Offices to Apartments?

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The Citigroup building is the tallest building in Queens, which means it can be seen from oh, just about everywhere. Reports surfaced earlier this month that is it quietly on the market for any buyer with about $500 million to burn, and now the Daily News has the latest: the upper floors "could go from offices to condos or rentals under new ownership." The intel comes from "sources briefed on the proposal," so it could probably go either way. But commercial-to-residential conversions are all the rage, so it's a distinct possibility. But Citi's lease doesn't expire until 2020, so it's a distinct possibility for five-plus years from now.

While the glassy 50-story icon is, at 658 feet tall, currently the tallest building outside of Manhattan, Queens does have tower in the pipeline that would be taller: a 915-foot behemoth that would rise next to the recently landmarked Long Island City Clock Tower.
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