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Big Reveal: $1 Million for a Garden Duplex in Bed-Stuy

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The two-bedroom duplex featured in this week's pricespotter was not well-liked by anyone who commented. The neighborhood, Bed-Stuy, drew some complaints, but most people couldn't get over the fact that the garden duplex looks like it has very few windows. The asking price is an even $1 million, and commenter PrattFurnitureLegacy came the closest, guessing $995,000 and accurately describing the condo as "a dark cave with nice outdoor space." The highest guess came in at $1.525 million, and that commenter said, "I'm probably low." It's located at 420 Franklin Avenue between Madison and Monroe streets.

Meanwhile, BrianVan (who admitted to cheating but did not disclose the price, so thank you) opined on the price:

But, still, good golly.

If this is for working parents, you need quite the combined income to afford this. No one's swinging this on the average professional salary, and if you have the kind of job that pays you this much, you'll never be home to see your kids/spouse or enjoy the space you just bought.

At these prices, what's the point?

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