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Gramercy Co-op That Looks Like a Medieval Castle Is Back

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Despite being a much prettier version of the bizarre medieval-esque apartment that the cofounder of Ricky's assembled on the Upper West Side, this two-bedroom co-op on Gramercy Park North has had no success over the past year and change in trying to find a buyer. Listed last April for $7 million, it was chopped down to $6.5 million by the end of the year and now finds itself listed again, for $6.35 million. The current owners, who are responsible for the whole Red Keep vibe, have even written the listing to try and entice buyers themselves.

I have lived in this apartment for more than forty-six years - over 17,000 days. I have enjoyed every day. 17,000 days of joy. Now my wife and I would like to move on and let someone else have the pleasure of living here. We believe we have the longest frontage on Gramercy Park (about 88 feet) and the best terrace in the neighborhood. There are many apartments around Gramercy Park. They are lovely. But your neighbors have them too. There is no other place like this. New York Magazine called our home an 'architectural masterpiece.'
Schwartz and Gross, the eminent architectural firm, built 44 Gramercy with a Tudor Revival Facade and carried this style into our home. The southern light bursts through the 14 hand-crafted stained glass windows. Our living room ceiling reaches a crescendo at 17' high. We have 2 bedrooms, a large foyer, an eat-in kitchen, 2.5 baths. The apartment takes up about half the 12th floor. In all likelihood you should have the opportunity to purchase adjacent space on this floor and combine it in the future. What a place that will be!
We love our terrace. It is over 480 square feet with three exposures, including a view of the park to the south. We cook there, eat there, we use it as a workshop for restoring antiques. It is our sculpture garden. And yes our pets love it.
This apartment changed my life. I found most of my business contacts through social and business events here. I even met my wife at a party in this apartment. Many couples met here, got married here, had birthdays and anniversaries here. There have been concerts, theatrical performances and fashion shows in our home. Even financial analysis meetings have taken place here.
Gramercy is a special neighborhood. Its heartbeat is the Park and its quiescence has remained the same since 1831. We love using one of the coop's keys to enter this private sanctuary. Safely inside the landmark district, we have avoided the inferno of change that has mired other neighborhoods. Gramercy is elegant and bohemian. You won't find a better place to call home.

To everything there is a season. The time has come to sell. May you have 17,000 days of joy in this home. What a life that would be. · Listing: 44 Gramercy Park North #12A [Warburg, via Streeteasy]
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