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Should New York's Subway Map Embrace NJ's PATH Trains?

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We've seen a lot of outlandish proposed changes to the New York City subway map around these parts, but this may be the most galling one yet. A digital media strategist from New Jersey (of course) is leading to charge to get the PATH trains more prominently featured on the MTA map, Gothamist reports. The PATH "operates 24/7, provides frequent service with short headways (time between trains), accepts the same pay-per-ride MetroCard as the Subway for fare payment, and has six underground stations in Manhattan," Stewart Mader argues. Right—it's just like the subway, but it's not the subway. This is the same logic used by people who are moving to Hoboken. The subway map does acknowledge PATH routes, but with faint dotted lines, rightly sending a message of, look, you could go to New Jersey if you really want to.

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