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Just What Downtown Brooklyn Needs: A Mini Golf Course

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Downtown Brooklyn's Albee Square has undergone a whole bunch of changes in the recent past, and they aren't stopping with City Point. The area bounded by Fulton Street, Dekalb Avenue, and Albee Square West may become home to a mini golf course, the Post says, and as early as this summer. Between the throngs of people exiting Armani Exchange, and arbitrary plaza use, can Albee Square handle some faux greenery? The Fulton Mall Improvement Association, which is soliciting proposals for the nine- or 18-hole course, sure thinks so.

That said, only about 20-percent of the city-owned space will give way to a course, and the plaza's longstanding food truck will remain. Games will be gratis if players bring their own balls and clubs, but there will be an undetermined fee for people renting equipment. The course will initially run as a trial and, if successful, will become a permanent installation.
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