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Beehives, Geese, and Green Lawns: Tour the Javits Center Roof

Looking out at Manhattan from the Javits Center's green roof. All photos by Max Touhey.

It's a rare bucolic view in Manhattan: nearly seven acres of plants underfoot, birds chirping, geese slowly gliding in for a landing 15 feet in front of you. The slow, story-by-story climb of the Hudson Yards megaproject is happening just a few blocks away. The fact that it's all visible from the new green roof of the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center makes it all the more surreal. When more than 700 exhibitors descend on the center this weekend for ICFF, they'll see how an ambitious four-year, $453 million upgrade has not only helped bring I.M. Pei's glass pyramid closer to his original vision, but created a vastly improved and enhanced structure, poised to be a centerpiece in the revitalization on Manhattan's West Side.

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