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Jukebox Map Reveals, Shockingly, That NYers Love Beyonce

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This map of New York City jukebox selections, compiled by the Wall Street Journal using data from New York-based e-jukebox vendor TouchTunes, is not particularly surprising, but that's sort of the fun of it. The Rolling Stones and Beyonce reign supreme in Lower Manhattan, someone named Romeo Santos dominates most of Brooklyn, and on the Upper West Side the most popular choice is... Sarah Brightman? Okay, so it's a little surprising. (Sarah Brightman is, apparently, an English opera singer, and the most popular Youtube video of her is a live performance of "Time to Say Goodbye" with Andrea Bocelli. The takeaway here is that bars on the Upper West Side are strange, strange places.) Our favorite map point, however, is Murray Hill, where U2 tops the list, because of course it does (Oasis is number seven). Also, Carrie Underwood is the most popular choice in Midtown West. The takeaway there is don't go to Murray Hill or Midtown West.

The most popular individual song on the Upper West Side is Susan Boyle's rendition of "I Dreamed on a Dream" and in Midtown West it's "Fat Bottomed Girls" by Queen. The Upper West Side and Midtown West are strange and terrible places, respectively.
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