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Ornate Century-Old Townhouse Wants To Be a Mansion Again

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There are lovely Brooklyn townhouses, and then there's this stunning 8,000-square-foot giantess on Eighth Avenue in Park Slope, which just hit the market asking $11.8 million. Built in 1900, the place is chock full of historic details—from tiled and columned fireplaces and stained-glass windows to carved woodwork and hand-painted walls. Over time, so many events have been held in the grand space that is colloquially known as the "Brooklyn Embassy."

"My friends say it's like walking into Radio City Music Hall," owner Jim Hyder told the Daily News, which first reported the listing. Though the 6BR/7BA building is currently divided into eight units, the building has undergone an eight-year, $250,00 renovation and restoration. Its next life, the owners and broker figure, is as a single-family mansion. Is anyone up to the challenge?

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