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Ben Shaoul Still Hasn't Removed Illegal East Village Addition

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While Ben "the Sledgehammer" Shaoul has moved on to bigger, less horrible developments, he's still tied up in the battle over the illegal tumor he plopped on top of the apartment building at 515 East 5th Street several years ago. It's been nearly seven years since the Board of Standards and Appeals ordered Shaoul to remove the addition, but since Shaoul's attorney fought back, the addition still exists. Last September, BSA gave Shaoul 60 days to remove it, but unsurprisingly, he did not comply. Now EV Grieve reports that he has until July.

It appears that Shaoul is finally going to do as he's told and get rid of it. A sidewalk shed is going up in front of the building, and the Department of Buildings—which, it should be noted, is partially to blame for his whole debacle seeing as they approved the addition in the first place—approved demolition permits on May 6.
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