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Extell Finally Reveals Its Contested Lower East Side Tower

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Extell's Pathmark-replacing Lower East Side tower sure is going to be flashy. While that fate really wasn't up for debate considering the major development company's track record with buildings like the Nordstrom Tower, One 57, and One Riverside Park, the first rollout of renderings for the contested site just unflinchingly proved it. Via YIMBY comes a look at 250 South Street which, despite being recently downsized from 68 to 56 stories, will still dominate the neighborhood skyline. Although the renderings are limited to a close-up of the building's facade and some of its bonkers amenity space, they provide just enough of a glimpse in to set the tone for the building.

One of the renderings depicts a space so high-end, that it's kind of hard to tell what it is (although it looks like a relaxation room out of some dystopian novel wherein humans have destroyed the planet and have to make artificial plants.) YIMBY describes what's pictured as "some sort of amenity room" with a miniature garden in the middle, but even a look back at the building's amenities provide few hints: the Turkish baths were sadly nixed, it's no golf simulator or basketball court. Perhaps it's a regular ol' lounge. The rendering of the pool, on the other hand, is not so mysterious at all.

When complete in 2019, the project will have 646 apartments split between 250 South Street and a neighboring 13-story building containing apartments priced below market rate.
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250 South Street

227 Cherry Street, Manhattan, NY 10002