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Loud Dog and Loud Kids Spark Wars Between Neighbors

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In today's Neighbor Fights news, a Woodside, Queens man is being harassed by his co-op neighbor(s) over his barking dog. Tactics that his neighbors (or just one really pissed off neighbor) have employed against him include angry notes, such as "Get out now McPherson. Nobody likes you or your loud dog!" and, after he installed a security camera, "I will get you out of here!! Nobody likes you or your dog!!! The cam will NOT stop me!!!!" as well as mysterious powders sprinkled in front of his door and a "slippery substance" poured at the foot of the staircase. One neighbor, a retired NYPD detective, denied being behind the notes or… other things, but did add, "He has a big mouth. And I don't like people with big mouths."

Meanwhile, in Gramercy, a woman is suing her upstairs neighbors and landlord for $700,000, and demanding a rent abatement, because the upstairs neighbors have loud children. "It's really ruined my life the last 10 years," she told The Post. "They use the apartment over me as a gymnasium for their kids. They play basketball, they run and they jump, and it's startling. I'm so overwhelmed by this problem. I have no friends anymore."

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