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Buy Burt Bacharach's Upper East Side Bachelor Pad for $3M

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In the 1950s, as his career was just beginning to take off, singer-songwriter and hit-maker extraordinaire Burt Bacharach lived in a two-bedroom co-op on the Upper East Side. "When I first met [lyricist and collaborator] Hal David, I was 27, single and living with my dog Stewba in a nice apartment with a tiny terrace overlooking Bloomingdale's," he wrote in the Daily Mail in 2013, listing the address. That nice apartment is now for sale for the first time in 25 years. The renovation is clean and well-done—did it look this good when Bacharach lived here?—and the outdoor space isn't really so tiny: 1,100 square feet, now "fully planted" and designed by a landscape architect worth noting in the brokerbabble. Bacharach recalls working from the apartment during his first collaborations with David, as he told Vulture in 2014:

And we never really finished a song together, we'd start something or a couple of things. We never finished four or five songs in a day. He'd do his work on his own, and I always liked that. I'd go home to my apartment at 166 East 61st Street on the 18th floor, right over the Isle of Capri restaurant, take a look at work, and get a much better handle on it. Hal and I wrote some very terrible songs early on. What's not so terrible is the situation for the current owner, Nadia Smeallie Griffin, to whom the property was transferred in 2011. Then, it was valued at a mere $575,000; it's now asking $2,995,000.

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