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Extell's Next 57th Street Tower Might Not Be Gigantic

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Because Gary Barnett can't get enough of 57th Street, Extell's next tower on the thoroughfare is already in the works, even though the developer's latest is barely out of the ground. But unlike Extell's first two 57th Street towers, the third may not reach supertall status. A source provided New York YIMBY with early schematics for a tower that could possibly rise at 123 West 57th Street, currently home to the Calvary Baptist Church, and they show the building rising to a measly 59 stories and 761 feet. However, these plans were created by a "another developer that was formerly in contention for the building," so they could be completely wrong, as the church has yet to even decide if it will sell the property to Extell.

But considering the church's property is worth about $100 million, there is little doubt that the church will indeed take the cash and run. Extell really wants the property because the developer has some leftover air rights that weren't used in the construction of One57, plus, they own an adjacent site at 134 West 58th Street.

It's not known exactly how many square feet of development rights Extell holds, but YIMBY points out that it would be possible for the tower to match its supertall siblings if more rights were acquired. After all, 57th Street is a very easy place to build megatowers.
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