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De Blasio Wants to Lease Public Housing Land to Developers

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[EDIT: The de Blasio administration's plan to lease public housing land for residential development would differ from the Bloomberg administration's in that it would involve a combination of 100 percent affordable and 50 percent affordable projects on NYCHA-owned land throughout the five boroughs, resulting in the creation of 10,000 affordable units, markedly more than Bloomberg's 80-20 splits, which de Blasio had previously decried as "a pure giveaway to wealthy elites." Curbed regrets the error.]

Mayor Bill de Blasio is set to announce a number of changes to the New York City Housing Authority today, and the most controversial of them is sure to be his intention to move forward with the Bloomberg administration's plan to lease public housing land to private developers. The Land Lease program would generate an expected $500 million over 10 years while simultaneously resulting in the creation of more affordable housing, but also stoking fears that the doors have been opened for public housing to be privatized. De Blasio, then Public Advocate, was highly critical of Bloomberg's version of the plan, which called for 20 percent of the units in the new buildings to be designated affordable.

In addition, there will also be budget cuts at the agency, an increase in rent collections, and an increase in the amount that residents are charged for parking spots.
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