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Rental Conversion 70 Pine To Get a 'Glamorous' Rooftop Venue

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AIG's old building on Pine Street is getting turned into hundreds of pricey rental apartments—a process that's been going on for, oh, years. While the opening date for the reborn 1931 building has been pushed back (again) to fall 2015, there's news of what will crown the conversion. Amenities at 70 Pine were already going to be over the top, and now add a four-story rooftop restaurant and bar courtesy of Spotted Pig owners April Bloomfield and Ken Friedman to the list. The Post's Steve Cuozzo reports that while the agreement isn't completely finalized, the "deal is all but done."

Bloomfield and Friedman have some serious New York food world chops, and the proposed venue would occupy floors 62, 63, 64, and 66 of the handsome Art Deco tower, which sports a pretty glorious crown containing "an octagonal former observatory with eye-popping views."

There would be about 150 to 200 seats, with one floor for fine dining and the other three serving small plates. Tenants in the building's 644 apartments would get priority. In 2014, rents were projected to top $66/square foot, and they're only going to be higher now. So the eventual residents probably deserve a seat at this bar, which would open in about a year.
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—Photo by Adrian Gaut via Newsweek

70 Pine Street

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