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$13.5M 'King of Townhouses' in Soho Is Definitely Embellishing

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A quaint brick townhouse on King Street in Soho just hit the market. Built in 1866, it is among the oldest houses for sale in New York City. That said, its going to take some work before it lives up to the brokerbabble, which overly embraces its address and calls it "the King of townhouses." That's because its made up of four rental unit and one owner's apartment, some of which have been stripped of their historic detail. But do try to look beyond the photos and see the potential the broker sees: 6,000 square feet that could become a a single-family mansion.

Combined these units total twenty-seven rooms, seven bedrooms, seven bathrooms, nine wood burning fireplace (seven are active), five laundry rooms, a private terrace, a solarium and rear patio over four floors including the garden level. Squint. No, squint harder. All for $13.5 million.

· Listing: 41 King Street [Michael Charles via StreetEasy]