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Condo Owner Sued for Running Alleged Bed-and-Breakfast

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The board at Turtle Bay condo building Peregrine Tower is suing one resident for allegedly running a bed-and-breakfast out of his $1.35 million condo that he purchased last year, the Post reports. (The apartment in question is likely a two-bedroom, two-bathroom on the 12th floor that sold last November for $1.37 million after being listed for $1.35 million.) This wasn't any ordinary Airbnb, though, as the suit claims that the apartment was host to members of a timeshare company called Lifestyle Asset Group, which costs $185,000 plus $15,000 per year for six weeks at six luxury properties across the world. Apparently 35 different timeshare members came in and out of Peregrine Tower in the past six months, and people noticed.

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