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Live Beside Green-Wood Cemetery for $500,000 & Up

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Name/Address: 233 34th Street, Brooklyn
Developer: U.S. Development Group
Architect: Building Consulting Engineering PLLC
Size: five stories, 18 condos
Prices: $500,000 to $868,000
Sales & Marketing: Key Worthy LLC

Since it's a cemetery and all, Green-Wood doesn't have quite the same level of Brooklyn real estate cachet as Prospect Park, but the 478-acre site is nothing to sneeze at if you're looking to live near wide open spaces. And it certainly makes the location of this new condo development at 233 34th Street all the more attractive. But with prices starting at $500,000 for a 658-square-foot one-bedroom with a balcony—currently the second cheapest condo on the market in Greenwood—the condos are already pretty attractive. All apartments have hardwood floors, floor-to-ceiling windows, and exposed concrete ceilings.

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