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Curbed Seeks Renters With Wonderful, Horrible Stories To Tell

Start bracing now for another Renters Week on Curbed. Riffing on the classic rental horror story model, Curbed is looking for incredible stories about rental apartments—from the unbelievably lucky to the atrocious, from the diamond in the rough to the out-and-out catastrophe.

By recording these stories for a video series launching during Renters Week 2015, we'll create videos bound to make you cringe, laugh, or breathe a sigh of relief (or a snort of schadenfreude). We are, however, mostly looking for New York City-based lease-signers, so we can bring them into the fancy Vox Media studio for a taping. Anyone with a great yarn to spin—from navigating listings and brokers during an epic hunt to decorating challenges and triumphs to neighbor woes and and roommate romances—should contact us ASAP.

Please fill out this form and we will get back to you. Questions? We're available at Get ready to tell all.

· Renters Week 2013 [Curbed NY]