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For $1,150/Month, Is This Sad St. Marks Place Studio Livable?

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New York knows small apartments—one intrepid West Village resident even makes her 90-square-foot apartment work. Want to be like her? You can! Brick Underground spotted this slender slice of a studio, located in an SRO on St. Mark's Place, for just $1,150/month. There are tradeoffs, of course: a twin bed that's lofted; a communal bathroom; and a kitchenette with no stove. But a rent that low, on the East Village's most famous street? It's gotta be better than the infamous kitchen-shower for $1,795 on the Lower East Side, or this tiny $1,275 thing in Harlem. And isn't a full bathrom, even shared, better than a toilet-sink? Plus, SROs have their charms, and this one's common areas look quite lovely.

Now you can see the kitchen:

Looking the other way, towards the door. Optimistically speaking, the bench-like thing to the right of the door could make a nice couch-y nook with some pillows... if it weren't supposed to be the closet.

The view from the (one) window:

The entranceway:

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