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Senior Housing Advocates Call for Parking Lot Redevelopment

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With parking lots all over New York City turning into residential developments at an alarming rate, elderly-advocacy group LiveOn NY is hoping to harness the trend for good, calling for 39 underused parking lots adjacent to senior housing to be redeveloped into more senior housing. At least 2,000 new units could be constructed on the sites, which span all five boroughs, according to a report that the group is releasing (pdf). "The demand for affordable senior housing is literally through the roof," Bobbie Sackman, director of public policy at LiveOn NY, told the Journal.

The main issues standing in the way of the proposal becoming a reality are, of course, funding, and, to a lesser extent, zoning. (One imagines, though, that if the funding became available the zoning issues could be settled without too much trouble.) "If there is funding from the de Blasio administration to build new senior housing, these might be really attractive sites," said Jonathan Bowles, the executive director at Center for an Urban Future.
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