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Meet Long Island City's Next Batch of Rental Apartments

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Because it's a day that ends in Y, another residential development has been revealed for Long Island City. New York YIMBY shared the details, and the project, likely to be rentals, will rise 13 stories and hold 87 apartments. It's being developed by the Lions Group NY, a firm that is very familiar with the area, and Tom Mui of My Architect is designing.

Located at 41-18 24th Street, the new building will be just across the street from No. 3 Packard Square, just down the block from QLIC, and just around the corner from Q41 (home to the infamous "poor fence").

Apartments will average 761 square feet, and the first floor will hold a parking and amenity spaces. Construction began a couple weeks ago, and the building should be complete by the beginning of 2017.
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