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A House in Bushwick is Also a Giant Game of Tetris

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[All photos by Steve Sherman/Brownstoner]

Why settle for a dull, regular house when you can live in the Game Boy of a ten-year-old from 1993?

That's probably the thought-process of the owners of this Bushwick townhouse, who recently decided to spice things up a bit by replacing the boring facade of their house with this huge game of Tetris. Unfortunately, it seems the invisible giant who's playing really sucks. Just look at how high that stack is!

According to Brownstoner, the house's facade—once boring vinyl—was covered in scaffolding back in March, and the mural arrived soon after. Of course, depending on who you are and where your aesthetic sensibilities lie, this will either make you roll your eyes or squeal in delight, but there's no denying it adds a bit of charm and color to the neighborhood, reminiscent of—dare we say it—the beloved Park Slope Pinkstone. Also, it appears the three-bedroom apartment on the first floor of the building is available to rent.

[Before and after]

By now, the Tetris theme should be sufficiently stuck in your head, but just in case it isn't:

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