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Rockaway Greets Summer With 13 Blocks of New Boardwalk

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The city's beaches officially opened over the holiday weekend, and Rockaway beach-goers were treated to 13 blocks of new boardwalk. Scott Lynch shared photos with Bedford + Bowery, saying that the new walkway is "handy and pleasant and the wavy-line thing is a nice touch (yes it's concrete, but you can't have everything) and the new seating is kind of snazzy." The new section stretches from Beach 86th Street to Beach 97th Street and replaces the wooden boardwalk that Hurricane Sandy destroyed. Construction on phase two, which will bring the boardwalk to 107th Street, will start in June and be complete by July 4th. The whole shebang, from Beach 19th to Beach 106th, will be complete by the start of summer in 2017.

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