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Previewing One World Observatory and Its Extraordinary Views

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All photos by Max Touhey.

When One World Observatory opens its doors this Friday, May 29, the public will be treated to much more than just stunning panoramic views. From the entrance to the elevator rides to the "discovery" floor, Legends Hospitality has taken every opportunity to create what they describe as an "entertainment experience." For New Yorkers, the "step-right-up showmanship" of the whole thing may be off-putting given the trauma and emotion attached to the site, but the views are undeniably amazing and will impress even the most seasoned local. While the views are clearly the main draw of the observatory, Legends aims to boost the trip to the top of the tallest tower in the western hemisphere with videos and interactive displays—after all, if you're paying $32 per person, there better be something more—but really, who wants to look at a screen when you're 100 stories above Manhattan?

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