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East Villagers Fear Wild Parties At Substation-Turned-Gallery

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Publishing mogul Peter Brant is in the process of turning the former live/work space of the late artist Walter de Maria into a private gallery, and the neighbors are worried about big parties causing chaos in the streets. After all, that's what happened in March during an 11-day period that involved a huge event for the world's top collectors of Dom Pérignon rosé. However, according to DNAinfo, it looks like Brant doesn't plan on hosting raucous parties all the time. He attended a community meeting last week and apologized for the March debacle, saying that he was unaware of what was planned when he loaned the site to a friend.

Plans have been filed with the Department of Buildings to add a rooftop terrace, a skylight, and a garden. The interior will house Brant's private art collection, and it will not be open to the public, which irked locals who wanted Brant to "give something back" to the community. Appointments can be made to view the art, but several people at the meeting wanted a regular visitation agreement for schools and community members.

Not everyone was displeased though, one EV Grieve reader said, "Again, of all the things that could happen to this building, I think this seems like one of the best things. It will be a private space. Not a lot of people there. Maybe a couple of invite-only openings. I want to believe him. Basically it sounds like a garage to store some of his art."
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