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Brooklyn Artist's Rad Union Hall-Turned-Home Is Now For Sale

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A painter and master of large-scale installations that the Times called "one of the most successful artists in the 1970s" is selling her spectacular live/work residence in Clinton Hill, just east of the Fort Greene border. About a decade ago, conceptual artist Jennifer Bartlett bought the two-story building—which was once a union hall for for the Candy & Confectionery Workers Local 452 but later served other functions, like a preschool—for $3 million. A 2008 "multimillion dollar" renovation by architect David Berridge resulted in 5,500-square-foot space that is largely open plan, with lots of exposed brick and massive windows that look out onto an L-shaped landscaped garden overrun with greenery. (The latter, by contrast, was once a parking lot.)

The delightful two-bedroom, 3.5 bathroom house, which hit the market this weekend, features Bartlett's work on the walls. She also designed its "furniture, tableware and its boulder-strewn garden with stone paths, water features, sculpture and mature evergreen plantings." Bartlett sold off her verdant West Village townhouse—another Berridge collaboration that "transformed a warehouse into an incredible home—in 2008, and now plans to spend most of her time working and living in Amagansett. The lovely Brooklyn house she's leaving behind has been called an "oasis," and that's not overstating the case.

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