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Report Says Non-Rich People Should Just Leave Manhattan

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The Village Voice blog Runnin' Scared ran a Q&A today with Rahul Jain of the Citizens Budget Commission, an independent group that researches government spending and economic policy. The CBC just released a report calling for an end to rent-controlled and -stabilized apartments, with Jain arguing that the bifurcated system is not working because it incentivizes landlords to drive out rent-stabilized tenants by making their conditions unlivable and because many low-income households cannot afford rent-regulated rents anyway. But what, you may be asking, would all those low- and middle-income households do without rent-regulation? Don't worry, Jain has a solution.

Myth: "Middle-income households cannot find affordable housing in New York City."

Fact: "Outside of Manhattan, 96 percent of middle-income tenant households are not rent-burdened." Oh, of course. They would just move out of Manhattan. And with Manhattan reserved exclusively for the wealthy, what a wonderfully efficient system that would be. Wonder if de Blasio will go for it.
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