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For $35M, Live in Landmarked Upper East Side Townhouse

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The Upper East Side is awash in historic townhouses, so it takes a lot for one to stand out when it comes to market. These days, even an astronomical price tag won't warrant special attention—after all, the neighborhood currently has three dozen houses on the market asking $20 million or more (many, a lot more). The house at 15 East 90th Street is asking a not-quite-blockbuster $35 million, but it has a quality claim to fame: it is an individual city landmark, designated in 1974. Called the Trevor House, it dates to 1928 and was designed by American architect Mott B. Schmidt. The Georgian-style facade—with its stone cornice, wrought iron grillwork, and Corinthian-columned portico—can't be touched, but the current owners completely renovated the interior, bringing in some contemporary elements that starkly contrast the gilded look of many rooms.

The brokerbabble elaborates:

The current owners have undertaken a years-long restoration and renovation, brilliantly incorporating modern elements including a magical atrium on the 5th floor which floods light into the house and houses a large gym with sauna, steam shower, full bathroom and access to a most appealing south-facing terrace. The massive and perfectly conceived new kitchen with wall of glass windows onto the terrace has the feel of a luxury loft space with warm wood floors.It's not the most contextual renovation, but maybe they wanted to feel like they had two different homes in one.

· Listing: 15 East 90th Street [Brown Harris Stevens via StreetEasy]