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Stuy Town Rewards Renters for Leaving Nice Yelp Reviews

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Residents of Stuy Town have had their differences with management in the past, but now, it seems, landlord CWCapital is looking to give something back to the renters. Specifically, they're looking to give renters some $10 and $15 gift exchange for the renters promoting Stuy Town on social media. The Stuyvesant Town Report reports that the apartment complex's "Community Rewards game," in which residents can win rewards by touting Stuy Town on social media to accumulate "points," is being run by a Texas-based company called Modern Message, which advertises the game as a way for companies to combat negative reviews.

It seemed to be working, too, at least for a few days. As The Stuyvesant Town Report points out, since the Community Rewards game started a deluge of "Stepford Wives-esque" reviews have appeared on Yelp, though it looks like a number of them have been reported and deleted since. Of course, there are still plenty of options for prospective renters looking for a non-rewards-based take, too.
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