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Hidden West Village Townhouse Is So Tiny and So Expensive

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This West Village townhouse that's set back off the street may be charming, but is it nearly $6,000/square foot charming? Its seller seems to think so, as they just listed it for $15.99 million—more than double the $7.3 million they purchased it for in 2008. The 2,700-square-foot townhouse at 9 1/2 Jane Street does have its pluses—it's set back off the street and has a private courtyard and three bedrooms—as well as its drawbacks—it appears that half of its windows look out onto a brick wall—but that's true of any space. So, will this little West Village gem get what it wants, or does it, like most New York City real estate, suffer from an inflated sense of self?

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· Listing: 9 1/2 Jane Street [Elliman via StreetEasy]
· On the Market archives [Curbed]