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Another Glassy Condo Tower for Central Park South, Revealed!

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After the Helmsley Park Lane Hotel on Central Park South didn't win landmark status, it seemed inevitable that expensive apartments would replace it. And now here we go, with all the juicy details of the next megatower to join Midtown's now-crowded collection of planned and under-construction supertalls. Joining the soon-to-be-dwarfed One57, the super square 432 Park Avenue, the super skinny 111 West 57th Street, the super tall Nordstrom Tower, the super classic 220 Central Park South, the super angular MoMa Tower (among others, whew) is 1 Park Lane. New York YIMBY has the full scoop, and the gist is this: developer Witkoff Group will mostly dismantle the hotel and put up a 1,210-foot glassy tower in its wake. The roughly 88 condos that will result will all have outdoor space and will all (of course) be very expensive. The architect goes unnamed, but YIMBY suspects it's Rafael Vinoly. (One anonymous tipster says that this isn't the winning entry, and it's not by Vinoly. So what will 1 Park Lane ultimately look like? Send info to if you know more.)

UPDATE: YIMBY now reports that these renderings were designed by Handel Architects.

The announcement about 1 Park Lane (formerly known as 36 Central Park South) comes at a time when megatowers are on everyone's minds—just look at that laundry list of developments above. Neighbors, preservationists, urban-planning groups, and now some elected officials have already expressed deep concern about the shadows being cast over Central Park, as well as other issues that come along with a glut expensive condos, from school overcrowding to a lack of street life because people may use the apartments as pieds-a-terre to general overbuilding. Last month, a community board called for a moratorium (really, a more transparent, in-depth public review) of buildings over a certain height.

Some details on 1 Park Lane, as per YIMBY.

Documents indicate the project's scope will measure 350,000 square feet with a total cost of $1.7 billion and expected revenue of $2.3 billion, for a profit of $600 million. The building will have a tentative total of 88 condominiums, though a floor count has not been decided on, and the project is shooting for a sellout in excess of $8,500 per square foot, with prices ranging from $7,000 to $13,000 per square foot. The existing Helmsley building seems all but vanished, with some sort of tall foyer or lobby with a living wall taking its place at the base of the building, above which there are some setbacks. Amenities include a library, playroom, 100-foot swimming pool, a spa, a private restaurant, and a private port-cochere (driveway, or motor court). The projected completion date is 2020.
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