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Huge $60M Walker Tower Combo is a Bargain, Comparatively

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What to do when a gigantic, uber-expensive Walker Tower combo unit fails to sell? Combine it with another apartment and make it even bigger and more expensive, of course! The Journal reports that three apartments comprising the full 18th and half of the 19th floor of the Chelsea tower are now up for grabs for a grand total of $60 million. The formerly available combo unit, owned by Property Markets Group principal Elliott Joseph, has been on the market for over half a year asking $44.5 million. The 2,866-square-foot unit that's being added to sweeten the pot is owned by Kevin Maloney, also a principal of the building's development company, and has been on the market for a while asking $15.65 million. When combined—that labor falls to the buyer, because in a $60 million apartment, why would it not?—the three apartments will amount to a 10,000-square-foot pad with two staircases and four terraces.

The three-apartment combo comes less than a month after Hakkasan CEO Neil Moffitt relisted his 6,000-square-foot Walker Tower penthouse for $70 million (which would, if purchased at ask, set a downtown record.) By comparison, the combo apartment is asking "half as much" on a per-square-foot basis, the listing's broker told the Journal. But when the numbers get that high, who's really counting anyway?

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