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There Are No Words to Describe This $6.5M Bayside House

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This is a house in Bayside (fittingly, the Queens neighborhood that once gave an architecture award to this building). It is, according to the listing, "Newly Custom Built Contemporary With Finest Materials." It is...something. Rather than try to describe it as a whole, we're just going to list some of things in it:

· many white leather couches
· a recording studio
· a bedroom with multicolored recessed lights
· a bedroom (the same bedroom, in fact) with three fur throw rugs
· an elevator
· whatever that foyer is
· probably eight quarries' worth of marble (and granite)
· a seven-by-seven grid of windows that takes up the entire middle third of the facade
· a Dali-esque melting clock

This house is asking $6.5 million, and by god, it should get it.

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· Listing: 215-40 27th Avenue [Elliman, via Streeteasy]