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Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 6 Towers Will 'Almost Certainly' Rise

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Remember when the Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation announced that they wanted to include affordable housing in the development at Pier 6 and neighbors freaked out? Well, that controversy has come to an end—at least in the courts. The plaintiff, People For Green Space foundation, and BBPC have settled last summer's lawsuit protesting the inclusion of affordable housing in the two proposed towers within the park, paving the way for the corporation to proceed with the development, as reported by the Daily News, Journal, and Times.

The terms of the settlement set height caps of 315 and 155 feet (or 30 and 15 stories), including mechanicals, for the two buildings. The settlement also requires BBPC to hold public hearings for any amendment to the development plan, where skeptics will be able to voice their concern over the development in a forum. The Empire State Development Corporation, which in part controls the park, will then have the final say over whether the amendment is confirmed, denied, or should be modified. According to the Daily News, the settlement means that the towers will "almost certainly" be built.

The lawsuit was based on People For Green Space's argument that the inclusion of affordable housing within the confines of the park violates the park's original concept that only housing that would help fund its operations and upkeep would be built within its confines. Below-market-rate apartments would not be able to contribute in that manner. Now that the lawsuit is settled, BBPC can continue with choosing one of the 14 submitted designs for Pier 6's housing component.
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Brooklyn Bridge Park - Pier 6

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