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Artist's Wood-Paneled Chelsea Apartment Asks $1.5 Million

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According to public records, this Chelsea apartment is the home of Brice Brown, a fine artist who is responsible for this house in Milton, Pennsylvania. So that checks out. Brown bought the apartment in 2006 for $749,000. He now has it on the market and wants twice what he paid, but in the meantime he's given the place a very unique renovation, with "custom-made cherry wood panels" lining the entire living room and bedroom and Italian marble coating the kitchen. The apartment was actually first listed for the same amount ($1.499 million) in February with Corcoran. Now Compass has the listing and the whole place seems mysteriously to have gotten much lighter in the interim...almost as if all the pictures were lightened.

· 344 West 23rd Street #4D [Compass, via Streeteasy]
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