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This New Mapping Tool is a Data Lover's Dream

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If you've ever wondered how your neighborhood compares to the rest of New York City, look no further. PlaceILive—a new Lithuania-based startup—seeks to quantify quality of life by mapping census data along with, as Untapped Cities puts it, "just about every social identifier imaginable." All of this information is then incorporated to create what PlaceILive calls a "Life Quality Index," assigning each community a rating based on health, income, entertainment, safety, and a wealth of other categories.

PlaceILive is ostensibly geared towards those in the market for a house or apartment, but if you're a fan of maps and data visualization, playing around with it is probably the most fun you'll have all day. It's like SimCity, but real!

↑ Next time your friend complains that there are "no single people left in New York," show them this incriminating map and demand an explanation.

↑ Do packs of roving young people frighten you? Stay out of the light pink neighborhoods!

↑ Noise complaint data ranges from "noisy" to "noisier." Ha, only in New York!

↑ Don't know which strip club to visit? Just throw a rock anywhere in Queens!

↑ You may be out of luck if you're looking for a ski chalet.
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