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Village CB May Ban Loud Music in Washington Square Park

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[Via Roey Ahram/Curbed Photo Pool]

Community Board 2 in Greenwich Village will soon consider measures that may curb noise in Washington Square Park. The Villager reports that the CB's Executive Board has been discussing possible procedures, including a "'quiet area" in the park, possible limits on hours when music can be played and banning certain types of instruments from particular parts of the park."

"We understand that people have a right to express themselves," said CB 2 member Rich Caccappollo said, "but not necessarily at the expense of someone far away from them.

Members of the CB claim that noise complaints and late night music have gotten out of control. They also claim that certain percussive instruments are drowning out the traditional folk music.

"On the one hand, there's nothing we treasure more than freedom of expression in Washington Square Park. On the other hand, when people can go into Washington Square Park and play very loud music, others playing quiet acoustic music can't really do it because they're drowned out," said board member Tobi Bergman.

The Community Board's Parks and Waterfront Committee will meet at the at the NYU. Silver Building on June 3 at 6:30pm, to further discuss these issues.
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