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Landlord Fights 91-Year-Old Tenant Over Rent-Stabilized Pad

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BLDG Management founder Lloyd Goldman has been accused by the daughter of one of his tenants, 91-year-old former opera singer Ruth Berk, of getting Berk declared incompetent and placed in a nursing home against her will in order to get her rent-stabilized apartment in 95 Christopher Street in the West Village. Berk was removed from her apartment in 2013 after an anonymous call to Adult Protective Services (that her daughter and lawyer say must have come from the landlord) and was just returned there after a judge ruled that she was competent. (Berk reportedly wowed the judge by singing "Summertime" and "My Funny Valentine.")

Now Goldman has switched over to more standard methods of shedding rent-stabilized tenants. Berk's lawyer, Arthur Schwartz, says the unit is " is like a 'slum' with multiple violations," according to the Post, and Berk has stopped paying rent. Goldman has filed an eviction notice.
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