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Extell May Pay $100M for 57th St. Church To Build Even More

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The Calvary Baptist Church is reportedly still mulling over the decision to sell or not sell its 123 West 57th Street site, where it operates the Salisbury Hotel, to the megatower-constructing Extell Development. It's somewhat difficult to imagine them refusing to sell, though, as Crain's reports that the property is believed to be worth more than $100 million. Extell's plans for the site are simultaneously mysterious and completely apparent—mysterious in that it is as of yet unknown how large the eventual megatower would be, how many square feet of Midtown West air rights they currently have hoarded, and how it would connect to Extell's adjacent site at 134 West 58th Street, and apparent in that it's going to be a big megatower that mainly exists as an enormous safety deposit box for foreign billionaires to park their fortunes in.

Elsewhere in the Megatower District, Extell appears to be making a play for a 15-story building full of dentists on Central Park South. While Steve Witkoff and Harry Macklowe own two of the neighboring buildings and are the most obvious potential buyer, Extell's Gary Barnett is not above making a purchase to block his rivals' development plans, as he has done in the past.
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