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Rafael Vinoly's Tall Tower o' NoMad Condos Makes Progress

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There's been a year and a half of speculation about what might come to the corner of Fifth Avenue and 30th Street in NoMad. Unsurprisingly, given the residential development boom currently afflicting that small swath north of Madison Square Park, it's going to be a tall tower filled with condos. In December, reports surfaced that developer Victor Homes was going to plop a 51-story building, designed by starchitect Rafael Vinoly of 432 Park Avenue fame, on the site. New York YIMBY just picked up on official permit filings for the project, which confirm the architect and reveal other details. 281 Fifth Avenue's height will be 705 feet; it will house 141 apartments.

Permits reveal the following:

Ground floor retail will take up 7,900 square feet on the first two floors, followed by several levels of amenities—a lounge, fitness center, library, spa and two terraces. Apartments will be stacked on top, with two to four units per floor, except for floor-through units on the eighth, 49th and 50th stories. The cellar will hold 72 bike parking spots and laundry rooms. To put a 705-foot-tall thing into context, the Flatiron Building is 285 feet. A tower planned for 30th and Madison, for which early renderings were revealed last week, is 805 feet; Ian Bruce Eichner's cantilevering tower just east of the Flatiron will be 777 feet. Just four blocks to the north of 281 Fifth Avenue, the Empire State Building is 1,250 feet tall without the spire and 1,454 if you include it.

Next step: demolition of the three-story building currently occupying that corner. Permits for that have already been approved, so it's go time.
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