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Robert De Niro Spent Two Years in This Lavish $40M Penthouse

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Although, according to a Curbed commenter, the current owner of Perry Street's flashy glass-floored penthouse is "not a celebrity," the Post reports that it was at one time home to one of the most recognizable celebrities of them all: Robert De Niro. The Post says the real estate aficionado and veteran actor posted up in the $39.5 million digs on Perry Street following a 2012 fire that caused significant damage to his 88 Central Park West apartment. De Niro lived in the duplex penthouse at 165 Perry Street for two years prior to his ongoing stay in A-Rod's former apartment at 15 Central Park West. The actor and wife Grace Hightower continue to wait it out uptown, without the benefit of a seven-car garage, as their Brentmore apartment gets made anew.

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165 Perry Street

165 Perry Street, New York, NY 10014