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$13M Downing Street Carriage House Is a 'Certified Treasure'

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The carriage house at 29 Downing Street is undoubtedly special—the brokerbabble calls it "a property that you cannot find anywhere else in the world," "a completely unique piece of art," and "one of Manhattan's certified treasures"—but it looks like the owners think it's more wonderful than the market does. After listing nearly a year ago for $12 million, the 3,480-square-foot house failed to find a buyer, so obviously, it re-listed for $1 million more. Now asking $13 million, the house also has its own website, and the listing offers more photos of the historic space. Built in 1829 on land owned by the third United States Vice President Aaron Burr, the house, per the listing, "is one of the only constants that remain in original form" on Downing Street. The sellers, John Bennett and Karen Lee Grant, an artist and photographer, bought it in 1977 and turned it into this live-work space.

Shelter magazines and fashion brands have used the house as a photo shoot location, but Curbed commenters think, despite its copious amounts of charm, the house needs a good pricechopper before anyone will snap it up.

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