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Cornerspotted: The Staten Island Savings Bank in Stapleton

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"I will bet 25 years of my life not one person on curbed will answer this correctly, on because it's on staten island," said Curbed commenter imer about this week's Cornerspotter photo, only to identify the building correctly one minute later. It is indeed the former Staten Island Savings Bank, also known as the Staten Island Bank and Trust, located on Bay and Water Streets in Stapleton on Staten Island's northeastern shore. Several banks were built in that area during the mid-19th century, according to the Staten Island Advance. The building was replaced by another in the 1920s, but it was still a bank, and remains one to this day.

The historic photo, bigger:

About imer's guess:

I think you're really right. That looks like the Stapleton neighborhood, and that would be Tappan Park across the street from the bank. The current building is actually pretty beautiful.—Michael Texier Which is preferable the old bank or the new?
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