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Midtown East, Get Ready for 1,500-Foot One Vanderbilt

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While a few final approvals are still needed, it's pretty safe to say that the 1,500-foot-tall One Vanderbilt is going to happen. Today, City Councilman Dan Garodnick, along with the rest of the council's zoning subcommittee, announced his support of the project by approving a special permit that will rezone five blocks along the Vanderbilt corridor and allow for greater density. Garodnick, as you may recall, was largely responsible for killing the original Midtown East Rezoning, and thus stalling One Vanderbilt, so this is a pretty big moment. As part of the deal, the subcommittee made a few changes to the plans that City Planning approved in March to improve the public's benefits.

Here's what's new:

· Developer SL Green will build a second, three-story transit hall at the base of One Vanderbilt on 42nd Street to allow for better public access and more light and air.
· The transit hall on 43rd Street will be better connected to the public plaza SL Green will build, as well as One Vanderbilt's lobby.
· The above means "22 percent more subgrade circulation space for commuters to move underground from level to level," according to a press release.
· There will also be better access between the Long Island Rail Road, which is coming to Grand Central as part of East Side Access, and the Lexington Avenue subway lines.

Improvements to Grand Central will allow for an additional 4/5 train to run during rush house, and the deal mandates that the transit halls must be complete before any tenants can occupy One Vanderbilt. The changes cost an additional $10 million, bringing SL Green's total cost of infrastructure improvements to $220 million.

The City Council's land use committee will vote next, followed by a full council vote, likely by the end of the month. But with Gardonick's support in the bag, it should be smooth sailing for One Vandy from here on out.
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