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Sorry, New Yorkers, You Cannot Rent a Los Angeles Dream Home For $1,250

New York Times coverage of Los Angeles has always been willfully clueless, because it makes New Yorkers feel better about themselves to sniff at LA, but lately it's become very troubling in a different way: rather than patting New Yorkers on the back for their smart decision to live in terrible New York, recent stories have suggested that Los Angeles might actually be palatable for young, rich, white New Yorkers. This past weekend, an article in the notoriously trolling Sunday Styles section went ahead and said it, in the worst way possible:

Bearded young New Yorkers can snap up brioche tarts at Proof Bakery in Atwater Village, visit gallery shows at Shepard Fairey's Subliminal Projects in Echo Park, or settle in over barrel-aged rye cocktails at Bar Stella in Silver Lake, and scarcely realize they are more than a stroll away from McCarren Park, except for the 70-degree sunshine tickling their cheeks in February. Unlike some of the other Los Angeles publications quoted in the Times story, Curbed LA welcomes transplants.

But there are bigger problems with their story >>