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Shocker: $1,795/Month Sad Kitchen Shower Can't Find a Renter

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The now infamous shower-in-the-kitchen Chinatown apartment shocked and appalled the masses last month, with everyone thinking that it actually rented for $1,795/month, as the broker took it off the market less than two weeks after listing it. This is Manhattan, after all, land of wildly expensive homes, so it seemed completely within reason that, yes, someone decided to pay for this setup. But leave it to the New Yorker (via StreetEasy) to dash our delusions. The magazine follows a fellow named Rogers on his apartment hunt, which leads him to the kitchen shower apartment at 27 Orchard Street in Chinatown.

"Day to day, it wouldn't bother me that much," Rogers said. "I'm more worried about visitors—if somebody's visiting the city, or you bring someone home. Granted, if you're bringing them home in the first place—" [The broker Lorence Heath] Dippolito finished the thought: "They're already impressed."

Rogers nodded. "If they're showering at your place, it's probably not that big a deal. But if my sister is staying over, or something like that, that's the only time I think it would be awkward. But it wouldn't be so hard to hang up a curtain; you towel off in there, wrap up. It's not really a place for entertaining anyway."

Dippolito originally listed the apartment in January for $1,995, but no one called (duh), so he dropped the price. But, as the New Yorker says, "after local media picked up on the listing and poked fun at the shower-kitchen situation," Dippolito got "thousands" of messages about the apartment. However, a lease was never signed. He just couldn't take the "just real-estate rubbernecking" anymore. In that same vein, take a look at the apartment:

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