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Manhattan Is Getting More $1 Million Parking Spots

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"This is clearly the end of western civilization." That statement from a Curbed commenter came after it was announced that 42 Crosby Street would be selling parking spaces at $1 million a pop, and it summed up the general sentiment of the non-billionaire world: this city is batshit crazy. Well, not only did civilization not end, but other developers saw those $1 million parking spots, and thought, "Oh hey, what a great idea." Three parking spots, asking, yes, $1 million each, will soon hit the market at 15 Renwick Street, the steampunk-loving, 31-unit project going up in Hudson Square. DNAinfo reports that spaces were limited at the property because of zoning laws, so the three spots will share a 1,000-square-foot garage, giving each car a roomy 333+ square feet, making them larger than most micro units.

Dropping $1 million on an apartment, let alone a parking spot is beyond what most people can even imagine, but for the wealthy hordes plunking their cash in Manhattan apartments, "a private parking spot is becoming the ultimate status symbol"—or so claims DNAinfo. These spots are insanely expensive, yes, but "the ultimate status symbol?" That is a bold claim.

Regardless, developers are doing all they can to give new developments super private, swanky options for car-owners—nevermind that only 22 percent of households below 96th Street own cars. The options range from robot parking (12 East 13th Street) to "a stately looking garage that features a porte-cochère entrance with white Gustavino-tiled ceilings and a terracotta-tiled floor" (443 Greenwich) to "a private motor court with valet parking" (551 West 21st Street). Some of these places even offer spots for as low as $500,000. What a friggin' steal.
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15 Renwick Street

15 Renwick Street, New York, NY